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Our grade 5 year in 5M.

Student-led Conferences

2014-11-14 08.56.54
This was the second year that our school has made the transition to Student-led conferences. Most of the students in our class came to school last Thursday evening or Friday morning to share with their parents some of the learning that we’ve done thus far in the year. Both Ms. Staats (our student teacher) and Mr. McCleary were available to help the students but most students could independently share their learning.

Pajama Day fun

2014-11-07 08.51.26
Pajama Day was a blast! We each donated $1 for the right to wear pajamas and our school ended up raising $340 for the Red Cross Ebola Relief Fund.

An ancient visitor.

2014-11-05 14.00.01

We had an ancient guest in our classroom. Rachel brought a fossilized ammonite and shared with us about this very old sea creature that she got at Cave of the Mounds in the US.

Government Unit

Our study of Government has been a great time of examining all three levels of Government. Our focus began on the Municipal Government and we were able to follow the election with interest. Our class divided into groups and created imaginary candidates for the perfect Class mayor and presented them hoping to gain support. Here is a photo collage of the highlights of that campaign.
Our Municipal coverage concluded with Re-elected Mayor Ron Eddy, stopping by the classroom to share on his experience in Government, the recent campaign and to answer student questions.

Mayor Ron Eddy visits our class fresh after his recent election victory.

Mayor Ron Eddy visits our class fresh after his recent election victory.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be concluding this unit by studying Provincial Government, Federal Government and Aboriginal Government.

Remembrance Day at BDES

2014-11-11 11.05.15
Quinn and Jocelyn carried our wreath to the front of the gym as part of our moving Remembrance Day Assembly. Many of our students participated in the Junior Choir and presented a wonderful rendition of “We’re going to change the World”. Thanks to everyone for helping make this a memorable event.

Congratulations to our October award winners.

2014-10-31 11.35.20
Our October winners announced at our monthly Bobcat Blast assembly included Lucas, Jocelyn and Garrett! Congratulations on a terrific job throughout October.

Reading Buddies

2014-10-29 13.50.25Our Reading Buddies program is in full swing! This year we’re fortunate to work with Ms. Guzar’s 2/3 class and we’ve enjoyed a couple of great sessions already. Frank Oppenheimer, the famous physicist once said,”The greatest way to learn something is to teach it” and that is very true in all subjects. We are working with our Reading Buddies on a weekly basis.
2014-10-30 13.55.37
2014-10-30 13.55.49
2014-10-29 13.50.00
2014-10-30 13.56.07

Personal Learning Day part 2

Some more pictures from a great learning experience.
Cole Eric R Matt
Eric K

Personal Learning Day part 1

What a great day of learning we shared today as students worked hard at a variety of learning tasks. Some of the topics studied and presented today included: The American Bulldog, Amelia Earhart, wolves, monkeys, herping and hunting. Unfortunately our time ran out on us today but we’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the presentations tomorrow. Enjoy this photo survey of some of the work being done in class.
Genevieve 1
Markus 1
Josh Drummer
Eric K 1
Owen Dylan
Garrett 1
Andrew 1
Elle 1
Alyssa 1
Gen 1
More photos will follow tomorrow.

It’s Crazy Hair Day

2014-10-23 11.06.49
Colours, designs and far-out styles adorned the heads of many students as we let our hair down, up and in some-cases sideways to celebrate Crazy Hair Day at BDES.