Student Challenge #1

Week 1: I am ….

I’m tasteach or Miss W when on the internet but in real life I am Sue Wyatt.
I am a retired teacher from Tasmania, Australia who loves blogging, travelling and genealogy. When I am online I am a fairly talkative person as you will notice with my posts and comments, while in real life I am quiet unless with friends. Are you a different person online than in real life? How do you change or not?
When online, you are usually represented by an avatar – these are used in gaming as well as on blogs. An avatar is supposed to represent the real you. Check out mine – I am a white haired lady with reading glasses. I usually have a cup of coffee in my hand and I always wear thongs on my feet – yes that’s where we wear them in Australia.
Reminder: Anything written in blue on my posts means it is a link that you can click on to go somewhere else on the web.
Activity 1. Create an avatar to use on your blog when leaving comments. Here is a post including some avatar sites . To add your avatar to your blog, if using Edublogs, check here. If using blogspot, check here. Teacher might need to change some settings in Kidblog to allow students to add own avatars.
 Like Lego figures – click here and here is a post from Brianna about her avatar
 Like comics – bitstrip avatars from Birney Bulldogs
 Will used toondoo to create a family avatar
 Mrs Vazquez’s class used google slides to show off their avatars
Did you find a great avatar site not mentioned here? Write a post about your avatar and how it represents you. Include a link to the website where you created the avatar.
Some students have mentioned the following as great avatar sites as well: Avachara, Chibimaker and Pocoyo
Activity 2. On your blog you also need a page or post telling us about yourself. Again you could use a variety of tools to embed on your blog. If you already have an About Me page, you might want to create an About my State or Province page as well. Be creative:
 Write a poem
 Write an A-Z paragraph eg I am an athletic, yet brainy child who decided that saving the environment is one of my future goals.
 Create a tellegami like our mentor Dinah has done
 Create a list of things people might not know about you like Ms Herring has done
 Write a Who am I like Mrs Keane or Mrs Lyttle
 Students in Ireland paired up to create their about us page, Ms Seitz’ class did the same,Mrs Moore’s class are new bloggers
 Penelope, Warrior Kat, Harry, Daniela, Mikaila, Rebecca
 Brianna (a student mentor) has a great favourites about me page, as well as an A-Z post
If using Edublogs, below are instructions for creating your page. If using blogspot, check here. If using weebly, check here. If using Kidblog, you will need to write a post.
1. Login to your blog, go to the dashboard>pages>add new
2. Change the title to About Me or something similar.
3. If you only have one row of icons above the box, click on the last icon called the kitchen sink or toggle. This opens a second row which allows you to change font colours.
4. In the box, write a bit about yourself remembering to be internet safe. Make sure you have checked out the pages from other students mentioned – many of them have been blogging for a while.
5. When you have finished click the big button on the right side of your screen – probably says update or send for review.
6. Once you have saved your about me page, go back and delete the sample page.
7. If your theme doesn’t show pages in the header area, then you will need to go to dashboard> appearance> widgets and drag across the Pages one to your sidebar.
Finished the work for week 1?
Then head off to the class or student list above the blog header and start visiting other blogs. You might not want to comment this week but maybe check them out. Are there any students with interests the same as you? Do you have a mentor yet? Have they left you any comments?
Other admin for week 1
1. Check that your name appears only once on the list of participating students. Leave a comment on that page if I need to remove your name from the list – give me your name, URL and age so I can find you easily.
2. If all the students in your class have blogs and your teacher has a section called ‘My class’, you should have a widget called ‘Class blogs’. Make sure this is on your sidebar.
3. Add the challenge badge to your sidebar – UPDATE Once the page is written a link will be added here.
4. Can visitors leave comments on your blog posts? If your country is in bright pink, then you might need to change your privacy settings or give me your correct URL. Check this post for how to do this using Edublogs, Blogger and Kidblog.
How do I know you have done your activity?
You come back here to this post and leave me a comment once your teacher has approved your post or page. Make sure you include the URL of your post so I can visit and leave comments. Tell me what you enjoyed most about the activity.
Also great posts get added to our Flipboard magazine on the sidebar of the challenge blog. A new one of these will be started next week for 2016.

Safety First!

safety village
Our grade 5/6 class travelled to the Safety Village in Brantford to brush up on our Fire and Internet safety know-how. The grade 5’s were instructed in Internet Safety by an officer with the Ontario Provincial police. Meanwhile, the grade 6’s had their knowledge of Fire safety tested by a member of the Brantford Fire Department through the use of a Fire Safety Jeopardy game. The sixes then toured a model home to apply what they learned in the Jeopardy game and practise evacuation procedures.
Many thanks to Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Dorsey for accompanying the class and helping us today :)
safety village 1

Champions of the Trashless Classroom

Proudly displaying our Trashless trophy.
Proudly displaying our Trashless trophy.

For two weeks in a row, our class has won the title of Trashless Classroom. As we study reducing, reusing, and recycling we have been discussing how this can affect our everyday lives.
Once a week at our school we celebrate Trashless Thursday and the class with the least trash wins the Trashless Garbage Can Trophy.
Let’s see how long we can maintain our title!

Our first Personal Learning Day

Personal Learning Day was a great day of learning a variety of subjects from making the ideal smoothie to frogs, Ottawa Senators, Great White Sharks and many topics inbetween. It was an exciting but quiet work day as everyone worked hard at gathering information and preparing their presentation.

Working on Computer presentations
Working on Computer presentations

Perfect Smoothie anyone?
Perfect Smoothie anyone?

I really get into the topic of Duct tape.
I really get into the topic of Duct tape.

A collage of presentations.
A collage of presentations.


Some of our 3-D polygons we created from nets.
Some of our 3-D polygons we created from nets.

Geometry has the focus of the last few weeks as we measure angles, create nets, compare triangles and sort congruent and concave shapes. Students who need to review a lesson have the opportunity to watch video lesson reviews that are recorded in the upper right-hand corner of this website. These YouTube videos have proven very popular with people throughout the world as many people have left comments. Students are reminded that if they do miss a day that they can check and see if a video was produced for that missed lesson. Below is one example of the Geometry concepts we’ve covered.