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Our grade 5 year in 5M.

Track and Field!


What a great day to enjoy at Track and Field. Almost every student in our class excelled with at least one Personal Best event of the day. Whether it was one of the many track events or long jump or high jump, all students seemed to enjoy one as their favourite part of the day. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to those students who will be representing our class at the Regional Track and Field Meet.


Mother’s Day creations

mom card

Everyone enjoyed making our accordion Mother’s Day cards.

mothers day

Boston Marathon followup

Thanks to everyone’s support and interest in the incredible opportunity I had to run in The Boston Maraton this past week. It was an incredible experience that will never be forgotten. Though the weather presented quite an obstacle with 70km/hr headwinds, 0 degrees temperature and pouring rain, it meant a lot to know that the students were watching and cheering. It was a wonderful feeling to enter the classroom on Wednesday morning and be greeted by their wonderful message of congratulations.

Turning on Heartbrake Hill

Turning on Heartbreak Hill

Running through the rain filled streets of Boston

Running through the rain filled streets of Boston

Finishing in the top 25% of the field.

Finishing in the top 25% of the field.

Bite of Brant Trip

building a weir
On Wednesday, April 8 our class walked over to the Burford Fair Grounds to fine-tune our Agricultural awareness. Many thanks to Mrs. Vanderburg for leading a group and taking these pictures.
image (1)
image (3)
image (5)
image (6)
image (4)
image (2)

Fire Safety Presentation

Do you have an emergency evacuation plan? Did you know that when a fire alarm goes off in a house you have on average, less then a minute to get out of the house alive? The Fire Prevention officer shared a video with us of a real house fire and the alarming speed with which it can spread. In the video it took less than a minute after the fire alarm went off to reach 400 degrees Celcius at shoulder level. Having a planned escape route is a must for each household. Escape plan maps were sent home with each of the students tonight. Please take a moment this Easter weekend to review your escape plan with your family.

April Fool’s Day Fun


Our next trip?

Our next trip?

"But Mr McCleary, I can't find any of these words?"

“But Mr McCleary, I can’t find any of these words?”

Mystery Skyping

On Friday, March 27, we had the privilege to do a Mystery Skype with a class in St. Louis, Missouri. Each class takes turns asking a question that will have either a ‘true’ or ‘false’ answer. Our class is divided up into teams that have different jobs. There is the questioning team which decides which question to ask next.
The Research team uses wall maps, atlases and computers to help answer the questions that we are asked. They also try to figure out where in the world the other class is.
There is the communication team that moves information between the teams so that everyone is on the same page. Finally, there is the Reporting team which greets the other class, asks the questions and shares about Burford when the contest is over. We did very well in this match and figured out their location on our sixth question.

Wishing our new American friends goodbye.

Wishing our new American friends goodbye.

Lockdown Drill

We hope we never have to impose it, but we have practised it just to make sure we know what to do if a lock down needed to be called at our school.

Keeping in touch, from a distance

One of the many advantages of today’s technology is the opportunity for instant communication throughout the world. We have had the privilege of staying in touch even when students fly thousands of Kilometers away. Here we are Skyping Genevieve while she was on vacation on the Grand Cayman Islands. We learned so much about the country’s culture, environment and about the opportunities a tourist can enjoy. Thanks to everyone who shares their vacation time with us so we can learn globally.

HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!

Mr. McCleary making up "Pancake Pies".

Mr. McCleary making up “Pancake Pies”.

Student chiefs at work.

Student chiefs at work.

Though it was one day early, we celebrated the date 3.14 (March 14) and therefore “Pi” Day.  And what better way to celebrate then eat Pie all day, which is what Mr. McCleary’s family gets to do!

The concept of Pi was used as early as the Egyptians (2613 BC) in the creation of the pyramids.  It has continued to be used throughout many cultures since then as a mathematical constant.  Did you know that there is no fractional equivalent for Pi?  It is also the longest number I know of (it actually never ends) that has no repeating pattern in it’s digits.  We use it to figure out the area of a circle but it also has many other uses in science and engineering.  So let’s celebrate. HAPPY PI DAY! And enjoy your Pies.

For breakfast "egg pie".

Pizza Pie was served at lunch

Pizza pie slice

Beef and Chicken meat pies

Finally Apple Pie for dessert!