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Our grade 5 year in 5M.

Welcome Ms. Staats to our classroom

This week we welcomed Ms. Staats to our room as our student teacher. Ms. Staats is in her final placement before she graduates and brings a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching. She will be with us until the end of November and we look forward to learning with her and from her.

Our First Personal Learning Day is coming!

Personal Learning Day on October 23, 2014

We are planning for our Fall Personal Learning Day on Thursday, October 23.  In order to prepare for the day, a Personal Learning Day Plan needs to be completed, signed by a parent and handed in by Tuesday, October 21. A Personal Learning Day is an opportunity for students to explore and learn about something that captures their attention and curiosity.  It could result in a project done on an interesting animal, city or person.  It could be designing a building in Google Sketch-up or learning a new Dance move.  It could mean writing a play, enacting a scene from a TV show, designing a display on anti-bullying or putting a poster together on Glogster.

Students will be spending from 8:30 – 12:30 working on their Learning Goal.  They will need to clearly state what their goal for the day is (what they want to learn about.)  They will also need to list their Success Criteria (what their finished product will look like.)  This should consist of a checklist of observable criteria that they can look at and check off, and then know that they are finished.

As part of the planning process, students are also required to make a list of resources they feel that they need in order to complete their goal.  This may include bringing resources from home, going to the school library, using the internet, or gathering materials such as paper, props, etc.   Students must come that day prepared to work for the entire day on their subject of choice.  Therefore, planning is a very important part of making this day a success.

The last period of the day will be spent celebrating our successes through a 2-4 minute presentation to the rest of the class.  Students will then be required to hand in a self-evaluation the following day. This will allow students a chance to reflect on the day and evaluate what they accomplished.

We are very excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to learning lots during this day.
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me through Class Dojo, email me at r[email protected] or call me at the school.

Congratulations to our Burford Fair Poster Winners.

fair winners
One of the many highlights of October is entering some of our art in the Burford Fair. This year our topics were Summer Safety Tips and Inventors. Our students created some very interesting designs to get their ideas across.

Smile, It’s Picture Day :)

A preview of our class picture for this year.

NHL Jersey Day

We celebrated the beginning of the NHL Season with NHL Jersey Day. Go Team Go!

Fun at the Norfolk County Fair

Fair Collage

Our first Structural Challenge

One of the things we study in grade 5 science is Structures. Throughout the year we will have some structural challenges and we examine how we make various structures strong. Our first challenge was our Marshmallow Challenge. Students worked in their groups to create a structure that would suspend a marshmallow as high as possible above their desk top using 20 spaghetti noodles, 4 straws, string and tape. Here is a visual summary of some our creations.

October is looking like a busy but wonderful month!

Oct calendar
It’s hard to believe that September is in the books already and now we’re looking forward to an exciting October. The calendar is looking full even before the month begins but there will be many more terrific activities to add once the month gets rolling. Enjoy team and make the most of every opportunity.

Congratulations to our Sept Award Winners

Sept award winners
September finished with our monthly celebrations at our Bobcat Blast Assembly. It was an honour to present the first monthly awards to three hard working and talented students. Paige received the class Attentive Listening award, while Holden and Jamey were recognized for their strong work in spelling this month. Congratulations!

Ace Spellers

Congratulations to our Ace Spellers who all spelled our “Grade 12″ correctly on last weeks Standardized spelling survey. These Ace Spellers were each rewarded a dollar for going beyond their grade level expectations and totally impressing their teacher. Way to go!
Ace spellers