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Our grade 5 year in 5M.

A musical surprise!

We were excited today to welcome the Paris High School Band under the leadership of Mr. Winter to Burford today. This surprise visit was a welcome treat as students learned about the different sections and instruments that make up the orchestra. One of our classmates was even chosen to join the band and play the cymbals while the rest of us enjoyed many seasonal favourites as well as some popular movie tunes.

Our Jigsaw Energy Project

For our Energy unit our class is doing a Jigsaw Project.
Jigsaw project
We normally sit in five different groups in our classroom and these groups will be our Media Project groups. Each of these groups will be responsible for putting together a Media project on Energy by the end of next week. In order to gather the information, each student in the group is assigned one energy form (Water-powered energy, Nuclear and Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Fossil Fuel Energy) to research. Students then move into their research teams where they will become experts on their form of energy. Each research team has been given a computer with internet access, books and magazines that they can use for gathering information. On Friday, the research teams will then return with their information back to their Media Project groups and share all that they learned. The Media teams will then put all the information together into a slide show production that will be presented next Wednesday or Thursday.
Here are some pictures of groups hard at work.
Energy group collage

Annual Egg drop competition

2014-11-21 13.17.17
Last Friday we enjoyed our second Structural Challenge of the year in our annual Egg Drop Competition. We were joined by the grade 3′s who had spent the week working on their protective cases for their egg. Our students were in groups of 2-3, given a list of possible materials and their cost and challenged to make a protective case for their egg with less then $10 worth of expenditures. Some of the designs they came up with in their 30 minute time limit were very creative. At the end of the day, when we dropped their protective egg creation from our second story classroom window, all but two groups unwrapped a successfully preserved egg. Congratulations!
Enjoy our collage of highlights.
egg drop collage

Brott Music Festival

2014-11-19 11.46.12
This great concert at Mohawk College in Hamilton entertained us with musical pieces from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy to Let it Go from Disney’s Frozen. From the Sabre Dance, performed by an incredible Beat Boxer to Katy’s Perry’s Roar as performed by a 100 voice choir.
2014-11-19 12.06.41
2014-11-19 12.19.27

Global Read Aloud

October-November was marked by the Global Read Aloud event. We were part of more then 300 000 students world wide who participated in this event. This year we read and discussed the book The Fourteenth Goldfish. It lead us to many discussions about writing form as well as scientists and scientific discovery.
2014-11-17 12.07.00
To conclude the event we were able to participate in a Skype session with the author Jennifer L. Holm. She encouraged students to reread and revise what we write and used her own example of having to totally rewrite The Fourteenth Goldfish eight times until she was happy with the end product.

Initiative Task Fun

2014-11-18 11.36.38
In gym we have been participating in Initiative Tasks in order to build our confidence, group skills and leadership skills. This task was to get your entire team safely to the other side of the shark infested waters with the help of mini portable islands.
2014-11-18 11.37.11
2014-11-18 11.36.04
2014-11-18 11.38.46
2014-11-18 11.36.59

Student-led Conferences

2014-11-14 08.56.54
This was the second year that our school has made the transition to Student-led conferences. Most of the students in our class came to school last Thursday evening or Friday morning to share with their parents some of the learning that we’ve done thus far in the year. Both Ms. Staats (our student teacher) and Mr. McCleary were available to help the students but most students could independently share their learning.

Pajama Day fun

2014-11-07 08.51.26
Pajama Day was a blast! We each donated $1 for the right to wear pajamas and our school ended up raising $340 for the Red Cross Ebola Relief Fund.

An ancient visitor.

2014-11-05 14.00.01

We had an ancient guest in our classroom. Rachel brought a fossilized ammonite and shared with us about this very old sea creature that she got at Cave of the Mounds in the US.

Government Unit

Our study of Government has been a great time of examining all three levels of Government. Our focus began on the Municipal Government and we were able to follow the election with interest. Our class divided into groups and created imaginary candidates for the perfect Class mayor and presented them hoping to gain support. Here is a photo collage of the highlights of that campaign.
Our Municipal coverage concluded with Re-elected Mayor Ron Eddy, stopping by the classroom to share on his experience in Government, the recent campaign and to answer student questions.

Mayor Ron Eddy visits our class fresh after his recent election victory.

Mayor Ron Eddy visits our class fresh after his recent election victory.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be concluding this unit by studying Provincial Government, Federal Government and Aboriginal Government.